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General Discussion / I was first, give me cookies.
« on: August 08, 2014, 08:55:23 pm »
After I made a post shit suddenly started to move here again... slowly.
If any of you incompetent cunts want to play a game, hook me up on PS3 or something. I go by the username Tasty_Legend.
Also, I'm a graphic designer now, so there's my story and what I've been doing these last two years.

What about you?

« on: March 17, 2014, 11:16:31 pm »
Fuck yeah cunt niggers, been ages n shit and this forum is still up? What the fuck!?

If some of you niggs wanna add me on skype, it's ImKBRage
I'm still in touch with 2_Neel_3, Legit_Panda, The_Ms, Glitchrunner, Mathiasoh, Haslien and so on ;000))
I had Izzy, but she got a new skype I think. Abdondoned the old.
Also, I haz the faggot DJ_Amos123 as well.. and the ol' server owner. I forgot his name.

EDIT: Ryan contacted me, he's awesome now.

General Discussion / This place is dead.
« on: January 04, 2013, 01:35:04 pm »
† R.I.P Infinium. †
Anyways, there is loads of other servers out there.

Stop playing all the time and go for a run fatty... Or do a barrelrolll.

Introductions / Selling minecraft alts! :D Cheap! $5-7! Premium!
« on: November 19, 2012, 05:15:57 am »
Well, as the title say, I sell cheap minecraft alternative accounts (Alts)!
They are Premium, so this means they are bough users! I sell 1 for between 5 and 7 USD!
I give 2 vouch copies! This means I give 1 account to 2 persons, and they will notify everyone if this is legit or not! (As a proof of this is real shit, and not a scam!)
PM me - Say that you want to buy alts! I will pm you back!

Creations / Graphic designs
« on: October 12, 2012, 02:27:25 pm »
Infinium banner upgrade v1:

Infinium banner upgrave v2:

Justice / My defense.
« on: October 10, 2012, 03:09:34 pm »
Here is a couple of things I will answer and make clear:

Why don't makka defend himself?
Answer: He has dyslexia, he's 14, he's norwegian and he don't understand the forum. That's why he can't, so he tell me to.

"You still hack, you use nodus client"
No I don't faggot.
Just because I said two letters (NG) which can mean anything, it doesn't prove that I use nodus.
I can admit that I meant Nodus Griefing, yes, but that aswell don't prove that I use the hack client. It can mean that I am a member of the forum, which I am, so fuck off!

I was talking to my friend on nodus forum, and told what I was doing, because he asked "Sup?". I answered that I am playing on a vanilla ish server, and he asked for the IP. He came on, and asked NG to ask if I was that one he talked to on the forum.

The reason I said "Makka and mathias", was that they are also a part of the forum, but they were made because I wanted them to vote something there on the forum.


Silver accuse makka for hacking with name label and/or chest finder.
The truth: Me and makka was in the same room, than he said "I am going to stalk Silver! I think he's heading to his base!" (translated to english from what he said).
Makka stalked silver, and went in to the base. After that Silver was busy with something, and makka literally robbed silver behind his back.
Stop accusing him for using xRay/Chest finder/nameplate for raiding you.

TjBitt my alt? Nope. My irl friend.

To silver:
Why the hell did you have to make a thread on who you are going to ban? Seriously, your overdoing the moderation.

Jobs / Moderator Application
« on: June 16, 2012, 01:20:33 am »
Hello, for you who doesn't know me, I am raymondhas (Obviously) and I am a builder.
I also know how to moderate, solve problems and be carefull to the members.
I run a own server, I am not a PvP'er beacuse it is easy to be accused for hacking or cheating. Specially when you got powers.

As you mught know, I am attempting to win the spawn competition, and I would like to build more like I do now.
My knowlage to HawkEye, WorldEdit and WorldGuard etc. is not at the total noob level.

I run my own server, where I got theese plugins and I use all the time. As a owner of a server I know that advertising is a serious crime. Thats why I won't even talk about mine, and I will not tell the IP. What I mean to say here, is that I got knowlage to even run a server, and how the rules goes etc.
How often do I play?
Not much, beacuse I have been buisy with school and exam etc. aswell as building my spawn for infinium. Which is a big project at this rate.
Age: I just got 16 (15 th June)
Why to I want to be mod?
I would really love to beacome an admin, but you have to start somewhere, and thats why I first of all want to start as a mod.
Another reason is that I like building stuff, and I like to share it with others. I like infinium, and that's why want to add my builds to it.
I'd like to do what I can for the server, and share my knowlage if needed.
As a moderator I would like to do what mods usualy do: Help out.
How long have I been on this server?
I can't really say.
I think it was when it was on minecraft 1.6 BETA or something.
Do I know anything about Craftbukkit/Bukkit?
I can't say I know about CraftBukkit, but I do know bukkit.
I have made a few servers (small ones) for friends of my.
Theese server have contained most known plugins such as:
Essentials and some of the essentials extra
BigBrother - Now outdated (I think, havent checked for long)
Permissions: bPermissions and PermissionsEx
iChat and other chat plugins
and other plugins.
I know how to configurate the permissions in console, so yes, I know whats needed for Bukkit.
What rank do I want to achive?
I don't have a special goal, but admin will be my goal if people recommend me attempt to beacome one.
Do I have any camera/microphone?
Yes, I got a full HD webcam with sterio microphone.
My parents work alot with HighTech kinda stuff, such as loads of Adobe programs (Not related to subject, I know), cameras, lamps, good computers, a own studio etc. and I do have a real job, so I can buy what's needed.
I understand that abuse will get me instand banned and I will not be unbanned?
Yes, I do understand. I will do all my best to not even get close to abuse.
Do I understand that not being active in forum, chat and server will get me demoted to normal rank?
Yes, I do.
Do I know that I am only trial for 7 days?
Yes, I do.
I have good knowlage to plugins, commands and how to help the fair way.
I am not a fighter, and do not like to make problems for anyone.
I am a good redstoner, not king of redstone good, but good enought. That means I can help with people that need help with this aswell. I do not care if someone is better than me, and I will not try to prove anything about that.
After doing a little research, I know that there is no mods needed at this rate, but too many is better than too few. I don't like hanging around and do nothing. I like to be active and don't just be a waste of time.
I can also make small videos, since I have knowlage and acces to proffersional video recording and editing programs such as:
Screenium - mac recording app
ScreenFlow - Another recording app for mac
Adobe Premiere CS 5.5
Adobe After Effects CS 5.5
Adobe Photoshop CS 5.5
Adobe Bridge CS 5.5
Adobe Illustrator unkown-CS
2 external servers
About 4 computers
and other.
Thank you for reading - Raymondhas

Justice / Ban appeal
« on: March 31, 2012, 05:42:31 pm »
I was banned for a reason I don't even know. I have not done anything wrong, and I havent been on for a while.

I have been griefed, hacked by a random dude that spawnkilled me in my home aswell and I have been robbed. I lived with Only_a_teacup (Witch suddenly turned against me), lsraphel and someone else I don't remember.

Please unban me, or at least give me the reason for the ban so I can defend myself.
Thank you.



Justice / Griefer
« on: November 11, 2011, 11:29:52 pm »
DJ_Amos123 is griefing in to my house, killing me and than taking my stuff... He also kill me and my helper and took our stuff, ON my property, witch had a fence around it.

Pleas BAN the shit out of DJ... He also raped a other server doing the same thing. He's a total bitch, u should ban him...



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