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General Discussion / Re: I was first, give me cookies.
« on: January 28, 2016, 11:19:41 pm »
Pretty sad that this server is no longer going, it is this server that got me into Minecraft, and honestly, it got me into PC gaming. When I look back at my younger days, I guess you could say childhood, I think of games like Minecraft, and the nostalgic feelings that the music gives me of those awesome days I would sit all day arguing or playing with you ass holes, but it was always nothing but a great time. Any ways, I am probably not remembered that well by all of you if you're looking back and reading this and thinking, "who tf is this guy", either because I was that annoying squeaker, or because it was back when Minecraft was just known for slaughtering cows, and its roller coasters, but I remember most of you pretty well. You guys were awesome for making this server awesome, and creating great times and memories in this game.

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