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Author Topic: Warriors Guild  (Read 1415 times)

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Warriors Guild
« on: July 27, 2012, 09:17:16 pm »
Warriors Guild!

The Warriors Guild is one of the most feared and long lasting clans in existance of infinium
We have 4 classes each with unique loadout's and weapons

Fight's using a Sword or Axe must fight up front
Fight's from far behind using a bow
Hides in places and sneakily attacks the enemy
Mage (Last known as Healer)
Fights using potions from a relatively close distance
Then there is the Ranks

Rank 1 : Newborn Dragon Slayer

Rank 2 : Lesser Dragon Slayer

Rank 3 : Generic Dragon Slayer

Rank 4 : Ice Dragon Slayer

Rank 5 : Water Dragon Slayer

Rank 6 :  Earth Dragon Slayer

Rank 7 :  Fire Dragon Slayer

Rank 8 : Greater Dragon Slayer

Rank 9 : Demon Dragon Slayer

Rank 10 : King Dragon Slayer

Rank 11 : Ender Dragon Slayer

Rank 12 : Ancient Dragon Slayer

These are the ranks it is indicated by colours on the Clan Skin

the skins are not compulsory but would be advised to wear you MUST have a medeival skin eg knight archer or someone in plain clothes so NO futuristic skins eg Soldiers Headphone skins Neons ETC and ESPECIALLY not emo skins I hate them

Leave an Application down below if you would like to join

The current members are
J4mesyz4de (Ancient Dragon Slayer)
Aishlingkerr99 (Demon Dragon Slayer)
Hellorandom (King Dragon Slayer)
Soda_Slasher (Greater Dragon Slayer)
seth31401 (Fire Dragon Slayer)
The_Ms (Ancient Dragon Slayer)
Syrup_Site (Ender Dragon Slayer)
Honey_View (Ender Dragon Slayer)
Legit_Panda (King Dragon Slayer)

Punishments for Betrayal and Lack of Zeal will be determined
Crimes and Punishments (from 1 to 10 depending on severity 1 being the most severe 10 being the least)
1.Betrayal: Punishment : Multible Bounty on your head things stolen from and being frowned upon bounty may be so high its infinate
2.Assault against any Warrior or ally: Punishment :Time Locked up in prison and demoted possibly even banned from Warriors
3.Theft from ally: Punishment :Your items taken off of you and time in Jail
4.Grief : Punishment :Items taken and temp Jail
5. Disobeying Of Higher ranks: Punishment :Demoted and Jailed

Good luck
PS:the picture of the base is a edited version of the actual it is extremely similar because it is the same apart from so aesthetic's may be missing
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Re: Warriors Guild
« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2012, 12:57:00 am »
how is the picture edited? and WHY U USE LOW QUALITY PICTURE
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