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Author Topic: MOD app for Sam_Bob. oh ya  (Read 678 times)

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MOD app for Sam_Bob. oh ya
« on: August 19, 2011, 07:31:57 pm »

country: CANADA

Age: 13

How long have you played on the server?:  2 years i think

Have you ever mod'd on another server before?: no

Do you know anything about Bukkit/CraftBukkit?: a bit

What rank do you want to eventually achieve: admin

Why do you want to be a moderator: because i like helping people and stoping jerks

Do you have raidcall and a working microphone?: yes

Understand that I ban people on the spot, with no chance of unban, for abusing their powers?: this is good i agree 100%

Understand that as a <Trial> for your 7-day trial - if you're NOT answering questions in chat, if you're NOT bumping the server thread, if you're NOT moderating chat properly, you WILL be demoted back to a regular user?:
 100% agree

Extras:hope be i will be a mod some day. hope its on infinium! 
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