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Author Topic: Silversun123's moderator application  (Read 661 times)

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Silversun123's moderator application
« on: November 19, 2011, 04:24:57 am »
IGN: silversun123

Age: 14

How long have you played on the server?: Just over 9 months... that was my original joining of the server.

Have you ever mod'd on another server before?: nope. i used to go to a different server and i was really close to becoming a mod but i was ill on the final practice week so someone got ahead of me and got it...

Do you know anything about Bukkit/CraftBukkit?: i have a basic understanding of it. its a type of minecraft server that allows you to edit the server by adding plugins (e.g the essentials pack allows your /spawn and your /sethome E.T.C) and you can also allow people to be allowed different stuff by having set ranks allowing admins to do everything and leaving guests to do very basic stuff.

What rank do you want to eventually achieve: of course all mc players want to acheive the admin status but im just going for mod for now i maybe apply for admin in 2012 on my birthday (thats when i joined) but for now i just want to aid as a mod

Why do you want to be a moderator: i would like to be a moderator because im friendly ( unless there's an huge injustice that's wayyyy to unfair,) i love helping out and solving complications and i am a patient and highly responsible and i love to build things for the server. i can build anything you ask me to with out complications in the matter!. i am fair with my decisions and i wont do anything im not allowed to unless i get permission from admins. i also like to make sure that the chat isent being spammed and i answer questions if i know the answer and if people are screwing around i will deel with it fairly. i can always there to help when im on and i want to contribute to help ending greif and make the server safe for all ages.

Do you have raidcall and a working microphone?: yes i have raidcall. i also have a microphone but the wiring is semi-broken so it can sometimes just suddenly fail on me... i also have skype just in-case. i do plan to get a new microphone for Christmas but i dont know...

Understand that I ban people on the spot, with no chance of unban, for abusing their powers?: Silversun123 is agreeing to this 100%

Understand that as a <Trial> for your 7-day trial - if you're NOT answering questions in chat, if you're NOT bumping the server thread, if you're NOT moderating chat properly, you WILL be demoted back to a regular user?:yes...

Extras: darth im on mc quite a lot and i spend ALL my free time on the server. i love helping and i love supporting the server. im on
school days: around 3-5 hours
holidays: around 4-10 hours
so im quite dedicated... i also am constantly on the forums so i can deal with problems properly there as well... you know me as a character quite well and i like to match my persona. i like getting rid of unjust problems and i dont abuse powers. im a very intelligent lad and im currently going through my G.C.S.E stage so its kinda backing up that im responsible. i have many ideas for the server but as a citizen it can be harder to get all ideas across. also after the recent crash we had the server still looks like it could do with some support to help back it up!

ive put quite a bit of effort into this post and i would like people to tell me what they think... i would also like you write a comment about my chances of becoming anything on the server...
From Silversun123